About Us

JBS Solutions is an engineering services firm headquartered in Huntsville, AL with employees in AL, TX, and MD supporting Department of Defense and NASA customers. JBS offers innovative solutions in mission operations, engineering services, technical logistics, and supply chain management. We specialize in Spaceflight Operations, Logistics and Transportation Planning, Systems Engineering and Integration, and Mechanical Design and Analysis Engineering.  JBS is HUBZone Certified, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). Since its inception in 2012, JBS Solutions has been woman owned and managed. J, B, and S represent the first initials of its original owners. Although the corporation’s ownership changed in 2016, JBS Solutions’ name has remained the same in honor of its founders.

Mission Statement

JBS’s mission is to serve our customers, employees and community for the sole purpose of contributing to their success.

 Built upon the principle that "Whenever two or more people are gathered together for a purpose, there is an opportunity for leadership. Leadership is the skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically toward goals identified as being for the common good." (Quote from…” The Servant” by James Hunter)

The JBS Vision

Our vision is to build and expand an enduring reputation for excellent service with integrity, for our customers, community, and employees. 

JBS, ensuring our customers, employees and communities are successful in their missions.

The JBS Values

JBS is built upon “Servant leadership”, which is a valued principle that enriches the lives of our employees, builds a better organization and ultimately provides support to our community.  It begins with the feeling that one wants to serve first. The JBS Corporate Culture ensures that our employees are valued for who they are, and nurtured and challenged to grow as a person.  Our corporate values are communicated through corporate training, our website and in various ways throughout the year to inspire and connect our employees in our JBS Values.  These Values are more than words; they are the foundation upon our JBS culture. We implement them throughout every process that we are involved in from employees, customers and the community. 

  • We will provide service with integrity, respect and humility.

  • We will encourage, cultivate and cherish our employees.

  • We are committed to excellence in business by providing the highest standards of quality, the best talent, and the most ethical performance.

  • We respect our customers and will maintain their confidence by providing rapid informative response to meet and exceed their expectations.

  • We will serve our local and worldwide communities with our time and resources, as a company and through our employees.

  • We will be a company of logisticians, engineers, collaborators and servant leaders.